Pete & Sue Olver

September 1972                                                                    

Tuesday - Farm boy from Peterborough meets city girl from Sarnia   

Thursday - First date                                                                   Saturday - Started talking marriage

 One year later - Married September 8, 1973

41 years later - We could never have imagined the path we have taken. Parents to 3 married sons and grandparents to 9 grandkids.  Jason & Jodi + four serve in Papua, Indonesia with a mission agency since 2001.  Jeff & Sarah + 2 work and live in the mountains of north Georgia as a fireman/EMT and homeschooler.  Pete & Faith + 3 are on staff in Durham, after serving 5 years in Guinea, West Africa.

We have lived in several cities across southern Ontario.  From researcher in air pollution and lung disease to plant manager in manufacturing to teacher/counsellor to investment advisor to home daycare provider, our lives have been enmeshed in the lives of others because that’s what excites us. 

 In 2012 we became involved with Kettle Creek Weddings and since then, have officiated hundreds of weddings.  It is and honour and privilege to be invited to be part of your special day.  Together, we will work with you to make this day a day you will remember for the rest of your lives.




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