Our Philosophy of Wedding Ceremonies

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It is very simple. We believe that the ceremony is the most important part of the day and sets the tone for the entire celebration. You will hear us say, "until we show up you have an expensive party; when we arrive, you've got yourself a wedding."

  • We believe the ceremony should be a real, authentic celebration, not something that should be tolerated.

  • We believe that the ceremony should reflect your passions and style, not ours or your parents.

  • We believe that the ceremony should focus on your love and relationship as best friends.

  • We believe that ceremony should be a celebration of your relationship, not a promotion of religion.

  • We believe that the wedding ceremony is about the bride and groom, not the guests or the officiant. In other words, the bride and groom should face each other and truly enjoy the moment.

  • We believe that almost anything goes when it comes to the genre or feel of the ceremony...so be creative!

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